State Certified Marine Contractor

State Certified Marine Contractor


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Hiring a marine contractor

Be warned! All local Building Departments are allowing uninsured or underinsured contractors… LEARN MORE

What does it mean to be licensed & insured?

What sort of protection does a “licensed and insured” contractor offer a homeowner? LEARN MORE

Home - Jason Nix LLC - Marine Construction - Lakeland, FL

Erosion Control

About Vince Strawbridge

For three generations the Strawbridges have been a trusted name in Custom Home Building throughout Polk County. During Vince’s time in the industry he built many hundreds of homes ranging from 1300 to 7300 square feet. In 2023 Jason invited Vince to join him in the Dock and Seawall business. This was a no brainer for Vince, whose love for the water has been a constant distraction.

The Dock and Seawall business is an extention of all his experience in the industry, and a near perfect combination of his two great loves and talents. Don’t be surprised if he shows up to your job with a fishing pole in hand.

About Jason Nix

Jason Nix is a second-generation Seawall Contractor. When his dad, Thomas Nix retired in 2008, he passed the baton to Jason. Between them, they have a combined experience of 44 years. In that time not a single customer has experienced a major dock or seawall failure.

It is because of Jason’s experience that StrawNix can offer such an extensive warranty. We pride ourselves on building the strongest structures for your waterfront striving to build every project as if I we were working for our Creator for his (and your) enjoyment.

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The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

A State Certified Contractor is qualified, tested, and held to a higher level of accountability than County Certified Contractors. If you would like further material on this topic check out my “‘Licensed and Insured’ Defined” article.

Verify a Contractors Workers Compensation Coverage

Here, you can determine whether or not your potential contractor is providing coverage for his cp employees. If the Governing class code is not “06006,” then the employees are not covered for your project and you will be liable, just as if the contractor is uninsured altogether. When signing a contract, have the contractor add you as an “additional insured,” and the insurance company will email you a current certificate of insurance. If this request is a problem for your contractor, then DO NOT hire this particular contractor/ company as YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY OF HIS EMPLOYEES’ INJURIES OR DEATHS.